About Me..

Such a loaded question.. well i consider myself a voice box for the universal energy of peace, love, and positivity. I fully know that spreading this type of energy is extremely beneficial for the world be it creating a more harmonious society focused on these ideals or just possibly changing one being's outlook on life as we're all interconnected. Outside of this overarching system of belief i identify as a creator following the footsteps of all of the magnificent beings who have laid a groundwork for someone like me who will in turn show the path for those who come after me to inner, under, and overstand how it can be done. I also love to travel the globe experiencing different cultures and enjoying the plant based creations of the region as I'm nearing 5 years of practicing veganism. I'm soon to be married to my twin flame fiance Talia whose path collided with mine in the back office of a chipotle we were training to be employees at while attending separate universities in the same upstate NY city of Troy. I enjoy being present with nature via hikes or just sitting in the all knowing glory of Gaia, as well as playing basketball which is my first true love. Of course there's waaay more to me than this paragraph but you'll have to tap into the frequencies of podcasting and youtubing that I'm emitting to find out more!! Love Yall!!